Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Red Headed Nut

Aaaannnd, its Thursday! Finally. I've had lots of late nights this week so I'm really looking forward to my fabulous date with Ahannon tonight. (Ex podmates of the 36th floor circa de 2008, you know what I'm talking about).

Anyway, I know you came here for juicy bus gossip, so here you go...

I actually don't think I've introduced "The Red Headed Nut" to you readers yet, so before I shower you with photos, let me tell you a little bit about her.

She's a red headed twenty something, that looks very VERY serious. She's always 100% ironed, hair straightened or done up in some bun or fancy up-do, collared shirts buttoned up to the very top button, and extremely organized. I know this because she always has 2 - 4 bags with her on the bus. Not gym bags or even handbags, but shopping shopping bags. That's whats strange, they are always different sizes and she holds them by the handles, low by her legs, and marches (thanks Jim) very straight and narrow to wherever it is she goes every morning. The other weird thing is that the bags are somewhat empty with one or two items in each...and each item has a very specific place within those bags.

And I am such a good photographer that I was able capture her in the act...organizing and placing each item in its rightful place... **Please note the perfectly ironed pleats in her white linen pants**

This one was courtesy of KO (notice me and my red nails chatting away on the blackberry).

The other thing is she NEVER sits. She gets on at the first stop where there's plenty of seats, and then she goes into the little crease where the back door is and stands tightly tucked away until her stop. She's usually listening to her ipod which is also neatly inserted in to the dedicated ipod pocket in one of her many bags.

So, there you have it..."The Red Headed Nut". Compared to the other bus creeps, she's relatively tame...but still odd enough for me to share her daily doses of bus oddities with all of you.

And with that, I'm signing off but I hope you all enjoy your Thursday evenings.

It's almost the weekend kids...

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  1. Do any of these ppl notice you snapping away pictures on the bus? Haha. I am on a bus instead of a train today and I'm here to say it was 100% the worst idea ever. I might be blogging about the god damn bus driver's inability to drive without slammingggg on the brakes every 30 sec!!! ;) xo