Monday, July 19, 2010

Bubbles and Baggage

Hello little monsters,
It's been one crazy heat wave these past few weeks! I never realized before how tired the hot hot weather made me, but I've been totally exhausted. When I'm not working, I've been hiding out at the beach, pools, and in my air conditioned 4x4 square of a bedroom. (Hey, at least it cools down fast).

Anyway, I've been taking the bus non stop because its much cooler and less crowded than the T. It looks like other people have been following my lead because our bus had a little furry guest star last week...Blog readers, meet Bubbles....

Bubbles is a cross between a Maltese and a Poodle, and he's soo cute and well behaved! Want another pic?? Ok, here you go....

Oh, and that woman in the black and white flowered cardigan is "Auntie Amy". She LOVES Bubbles, and proceeded to pet and "gaga goo goo" at him the entire bus ride. Once he got off, she continued to carry on to me and KO telling us all about how Bubbles goes for three walks a day, eats fancy feast, and loves people. AA was right because Bubbles was adorable and friendly...and quite frankly, a lovely way to start your day! It made me really consider getting a little pup of my own.

Anyway, back to bus characters...this next post comes to you courtesy of KO, who sent me these pictures on her bus ride home this evening.

I bring you, "Man Who Brings Everything Under the Kitchen Sink On The Bus"....

And here's a close up...

I've seen this man on the way home a few times, and he literally has everything under his kitchen sink connected in one mish mosh of stuff by multiple caribeaners. Then, he hooks the caribeaners to the seats to secure his baggage in place. The funny thing about this man is he's dressed somewhat nice and pretty well groomed so I find it strange that he brings all this stuff with him, wherever he goes, every single day. Maybe he works at a thrift store...or a funky vintage consignment shop...any reader guesses?

Andddd on that note, I need to go make my lunch for tomorrow since I have to be up bright and early to catch the 8:23, but I hope you all stay cool. In fact, I think I hear thunder as I'm writing this...maybe its finally the end of this horrible heat wave? Lets hope so!

Happy Monday!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Transit "Pick-ups"

Hey peeps,
So I know this blog is supposed to be about my adventures on the bus, but in an effort to escape the heat as quickly as possible, I took the T home Tuesday night. Of course, I forgot my ipod and had just finished my book, so there was nothing to entertain me but pure old-fashioned eavesdropping.

I overheard a "pick up" conversation, where this guy who was clearly too old for this girl, was trying to pick her up. He had to have been in his early 30's and she couldn't have been older than 24. She bumped into him on an aggressive turn and he replied with "rough day at work?" Now before I continue with their conversation, let me bore you with what they looked like...he was a cross between Steve Carell meets Pee Wee Herman, and wearing a suit. She was a combination of Yunjin Kim (Sun) from LOST and Rihanna (without the red tips), wearing leggings and an oversized tunic.

Anyway, she answers his stupid questions and through the exchange of work stories I learned that he's finishing his MBA and currently doing an internship where if he does a good job, he'll get the job. She is a law student from Chicago just in town for the summer for an internship at a prestigious law firm downtown.

The best part is when she starts telling him she's living in Brighton right near BU and he starts going on and on about the crazy times he's had in Brighton and how it's the biggest party city in Boston filled with college kids and wild times. Now I don't want to hate on Brighton because some of my readers live there (baby bro, Joel...holler) but I think we can all agree it's not the biggest party city in town. He then proceeds to tell her how college kids from all over the world graduate and come live in Brighton because of the extreme nightlife. (That was a direct quote). This girl clearly wanted nothing to do with him but was being polite as she continued to answer his questions.

As the conversation winded down (she was getting off at the same stop as me) he handed her his business card and told him to "call him sometime if she wanted to see a good time in Brighton". She rolled her eyes, took the card, and got off the T.

What a creep.

Any who, I hope this little story tidbit helped you get through your day. I'm headed back to the land of outlook and seas of cubicles and pods.

Until next time...

Friday, July 2, 2010

Finally Friday, Fireworks, and the 4th!!

Hello readers,
Sorry I've taken a minor hiatus, but things have been very busy in the land of gaga (me). Speaking of gaga (not me, the real thing) she's in town! Every time I turn around, I hear a story about how she's right around the corner...tanning down the street from my office, working out at Sports Club LA, and drinking beers at Bukowski's Tavern in Cambridge! I love me some gaga! Sadly, I'm not attending her show this time around, but I did debate throwing on my hot pink sparkley hot pants in her honor. I decided against it because I sit quite close to HR, and because they may be HOT pants, but that doesn't mean that I look hot in them.

Anywaysssss, I have lots of bus updates for here it goes!

I bring you, "Auntie Amy"

She's lived in my neighborhood for almost 6 years now and is moving to Coolidge Corner on Sept 1. AA is one of my absolute favorite bus characters. She's a very sweet lady, who works in some kind of non-profit business. What makes her an actual "bus character" is the level at which she likes to raise her voice on the bus. Our bus is always full and there's quite a bit of background noise between people's conversations, loud ipods , and general bus sounds, but no matter where you are seated, you can ALWAYS hear AA's conversation. She'll talk about everything under the sun, and really has nothing to hide....she's crazy about her doctor and she's not sure if he's single but he's a real stud, her nephews birthday is this weekend and she doesn't know what to get him because she really spoiled him over Christmas time, she decided not to go up to her parents house for the weekend because she really needs to start painting in her apartment for the new tenants, and my favorite story recently...she LOVES shopping, and she's usually really good at it, except its really hard to shop in the summer time because everything is so revealing, but over Memorial Day she found a great sale at Macy's and did some real damage...3 shirts for $50! She's so good at finding bargains. One time she found a shawl for her friend who was getting married, she hadn't seen the dress or anything but picked out a shawl and it matched perfectly! The whole night people were coming up to her telling her what a great job she did.

Just so you don't think I'm lying, take a listen to this sound bite of AA....

And I feel bad, because she really is a very nice lady...but she could keep her voice down a little bit...I mean how am I supposed to get through "Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" when AA is screaming the entire bus ride about bargain shopping at Macy's!?!

Any who, next up is "Lady With The Ridiculously Long and Nasty Fingernails". I found this juicy bus character on my way home one evening on the 6:50. I dont have much to say about this precious little gem so I'll let this photo speak for itself....

...GROSS RIGHT!?!?! I mean, what could fingernails THAT LONG be useful for? (I welcome your thoughts on this in the comment section of the blog)

Andddd....last but not least, this special lady from last night's trip home on the 6:20..."Woman With all the Questions"

This lady was truly special because not only did she hold up everyone waiting to get on the bus, but she was asking the driver the most ridiculous questions. "Does this bus go to Copley?" "Can you take me to Glouster Street?" "What if I only have $1" "Will you stop at a special place for me?" "How do I know if you're going to stop" ON AND ON AND ON! Then, as we were approaching the turn right before the Prudential center I heard, "STOOOOOPPPPPP NOWWWWWWWW!!!!" And low and behold, "Woman With all the Questions" wanted to exit the bus. God forbid she push the stop request button. Geez.

Alright, well with that massive update, I'll leave you to prepare for your weekends. I know I'm ready! Here's to it FINALLY being Friday, Fireworks, and the 4th of July! Have fun and be safe my little monsters.

Happy Hot Dog Scarfing...