Monday, June 14, 2010

Joan & Ed

Hello Loyal Blog Readers and Fans,

I'm going to give you my weekend recap in reverse in order in an effort to keep the bus theme present.

Yesterday, I made the very stupid (yet fun) decision to call up KO (my bus buddy) and ask her to join me for a drink at Cambridge 1 (where I am the loyal fouresquare Mayor). Both of us agreed to have 1 or 2, and then go home to do our laundry and prepare for the Monday of all Monday's. Well, those are famous last words, because 5 glasses of wine later, some delicious mac and cheese, and what were probably the worst pork sliders I've ever had, I found myself waltzing in the door around 7pm...and laundry was the last thing on my mind.

I managed to clean up my room a bit, but I was useless. I didn't make it to the gym this morning, and my Monday started off all out of whack...except I did make the 8:23 bus, which is always a plus.

Anyway, speaking of good food and bad, I found out some very saddening news this weekend. My mother informed me that Joan & Ed's deli, a childhood past time, is going out of business after 33 years!! After hearing that news, (and after bbm conferencing with Tracy and Cooper at the same time) I insisted she immediately take me out to Framingham to experience the glory one last time. Knowing my love for the deli, she obliged.

So sad! Luckily I arrived just in time for the early bird special and was seated within 20 minutes of waiting.

Now for those of who you are familiar with Joan & Ed's you know all of the framed sayings, poems, yiddish-isms, etc they have plastered on the walls. They are SELLING the sayings! Unfortunately, I don't think I was the first to hear the news, because the walls were completely bare. It was a sad sad sight...but the food...was OH. SO. GOOD!

Now seeing that it was potentially my last time at this famed deli, I went big (and then I went home and crrrrrrrrashed!)

For a starter (as always), I got a cup of Matzo Ball soup and the delicious pickles and coleslaw. YUM!

For our meal, we had quite the feast! We shared one #9 John's Jawbreaker (Roast beef, fresh turkey, and swiss cheese with coleslaw and russian dressing). Coleslaw OVERLOAD! We also shared a chicken salad sandwich, one potato pancake, and one meat knish. YUMMO!

I refrained from taking an "after" picture because a) I'm a pig and b) it would have been just empty plates (and you guys know what empty plates look like!)

All in all it was a delicious feast and quite the tribute to my favorite deli (sorry Zaftig's, but Joan & Ed's was there when you just weren't). I love you Joan & Ed's, its been a great 33 years.


Friday, June 11, 2010


Hello little friends,
Sorry I dropped off the face of the earth after my first (and fabulous) blog post! It's been quite a busy week and sadly, I'm guilty of committing infidelity on my bus. Wednesday I actually made the 8:05 (and made it to the gym for early am spin, yowza!) and Thursday I had to take the 7:33...WOOF!

Anyway, I was back on track this morning with the 8:23, and I was reminded of a bus staple that I completely forgot to mention, therefore today's post is dedicated to: "Smiley"

"Smiley" is a very pretty, 30 something, that gets off the bus in Copley Square. My guess is she works in the Hancock Tower, but I don't know for sure because I haven't followed her (I'm not a total creep you guys). She's usually on the 8:23, but gets on at the very last stop so usually has to stand. Now, I assume you can guess why I call her "Smiley" and if you guessed because she smiles a lot, then you're correct. Literally, all this woman does is SMILE. But not in a friendly, "hi, how are you?" kind of way, its more like "my face is permanently stuck like this and all I can do is smile" its creepy!

"Smiley" is definitely stuck in the 80's, I mean, big time. She also, mostly always, has a banana clip in her hair. See below for picture reference.

Don't get me wrong, I love a good banana clip, but its just not something you see everyday.

The only person "Smiley" talks to, is "The Complainer" - another staple I forgot to mention. Not only do I see "The Complainer" on the 8:23 morning commute, but also in my spin classes on Mon & Wed AM's.

We call her "The Complainer" because (you guessed it!) she complains ALL. THE. TIME. Literally any time I see her its, "Omg, its sooo windy out. Especially on this street because the wind comes off the river and flows down this way" or its, "Why can't this bus driver park at the other stop thats closer to my house? The 8:40 does it, and it makes things much easier for me", or my favorite (insert yelling voice here) "Driverrrrrr!!! Can you pllleeeeaaassseee turn down the heat? It's 900 degrees in here!!" insert eye roll and under-her-breath muttering.

Both "Smiley" and "The Complainer" get on at the same stop, and have to stand because there usually aren't seats left, which gives me the perfect view for observation because I sit right up front and center...anxiously waiting for all the action to happen.

And with that, you have it, my second blog post. (Man, I need to get better at wrapping these bad boys up!) I hope you all (who am I kidding, there's 5 of you reading this, and that's because you sit in my pod and I make you read this) have a fantastic weekend.

I'll try to blog this weekend...maybe about something aside from bus absurdities, but probably not so don't get excited.

You know you love me...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Gaga's First Blog Post

Hello loyal monsters, er, I mean readers,
Seeing as this blog was created to document my daily commute to and from work on the MBTA bus, (I know what you're thinking, its just a bus...but I assure you my friends, its anything but...) I'd like to start by giving you a quick snapshot of some of my most favorite bus characters. Let's see...there's your regulars like "Auntie Amy", "The Man With The Bucket of Ice", "The Dentists", and one of my personal favs "Tower Records Man". Then there's the precious few that like to make an occasional cameo like, "The Man With The Never Ending Cough" and "The Foreigners". Lastly, there's those gem like bus riders, that really rile you up nice and early, like, "The Girl With The Scarf" and "The Married Couple".

I must tell you that not all bus experiences are bad, I've actually made some pretty good friends throughout my year and a half on the 55! Like, KO - my most favorite! Not only is she an 8:23 regular, but we hang outside of the bus. We'll watch the Bachelor (Jake, you're hot) or grab a glass of vino at a local neighborhood joint. Additionally, we have quite a few mutual friends. I think it's safe to say KO and I have reached official "friend status" and can retire our "bus friend status". There's also KC, RC, and the occasional guest "bus friend".

So, now that you've been introduced to the best and the worst, I feel like I should explain the morning routine. For the most part, I'm a regular on the 8:23...especially on Tuesdays and Thursdays when I have standing 9am status meetings. (Clients, I love you) On the off day's I'll jump on the 8:40, and on the very rare days, I'll be on the 8:05.

Ok, well, that about does it for my very first blog post. I think I'll leave you hanging so you decide to come back for more...and I have to go make my lunch so I can catch the 8:05 in the morning. Hope you enjoyed what you read...and please, do come back for more.

Until next time...