Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tasty Burgers and a Happy Birthday

Hello blog world,
It's been quite some time since I last wrote, and for that, I truly apologize. It's been a bit crazy with a new job, some across country moves, car troubles, etc. Still, no excuse to leave all of you (I can use all if there's 5+ of you, right?) hanging.

Anyway, I return to you today with bus updates, life updates, and a very special tribute to my number one reader, Libby! Happy Birthday Lib! I miss you, but I'm very excited to be seeing you in one short week from today! And today's post is dedicated to YOU.

So, while I've been hiatus-ing from the blog, I've been exploring some new restaurants in my hood, and who better to do it with than bus friend, KO. A few weeks ago a new joint called Tasty Burger opened up. Brought to you by the owners of The Franklin Cafe in the South End, Tasty Burger is a cross between In-N-Out burger (LA plug for you Lib) and Five Guys.

Inside you'll find cute little tables, a large wrap around bar, or you can sit outside at the delightful patio. If you're really craving a burger you can visit their take out window, open until 2am. Hello fat Gail, er, I mean fat burger. Not only do they have delicious hand made burgers (turkey and veggie included) but the fries are awesome. Thin cut, not greasy, and perfectly crispy. I especially love this place because in addition to your typical ketchup and mustard condiments, they have sriracha (a fabulous hot sauce originating in Thailand), Frank's hot, and BBQ sauce! KO and I sat at the bar and quickly got down to business.

A glass of Prosecco for her (served in a wine glass) and a Negro Modelo in a can (complete with a Tasty Burger coozie) for me!

I had the turkey burger with marinated mushrooms and roasted red peppers, and KO had a classic cheeseburger. Both were delicious. But, dont let the name fool you! Tasty Burger also has sandwiches, salads, and hot dogs...which they like to refer to as, Shafts (yes, I'm 27 and yes, I'm immature).

After stuffing our bellies and reaching our alcohol intake for the evening, we called it a night. Thank you Tasty Burger, for stretching my waistline and my wallet.

Ok folks, thats all for today but I do promise to be better with this whole blogging thing.

And Libby, happy happy happy birthday to you and I cannot wait to see you next week in LA LA land!! Hope all your wishes come true and you too are blessed with some delicious food and drink.

You know you missed me...

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